Sunday, 1 January 2012

And We're Off!

I said this thing would go live January first no matter what, and here we are!  First goal of the year, acheived.
So hi! I'm Emily. 
In these pages, you will find craft projects.
And art pieces.
And comic strips, and cooking adventures, and outfits and room decoration and terrible photography and any other thing I happen to dip my head into without looking first, I suspect.

You see, I can't ever seem to settle on just one thing.  I want to try everything at least once, and I go through cycles of being completely addicted to one thing only to toss it aside for a new, exciting thing a month later. 

This would be fine, if I actually followed through on any of my projects.  But the sad thing is, usually they just wind up tossed to the curbside as I chase after some new, shiny idea.  Well, no more!

This year, I hope to use this blog to guide myself along some sort of path to seriousness.  If I start a project, I have to finish it, and I think being able to write about those projects here will help me not only finish them, but finish them well instead of half-heartedly.  Anything goes!  There are no themes where I come from; I just have to do whatever it is I'm doing WELL!   

And hey, on as little budget as is humanly possible would be nice too.

Welcome to 2012 everybody, and to my shiny new blog.  I hope everybody's years go amazingly!

Stay tuned for my first "real" post, in which I document the harrowing experience of refurbishing my old purse!

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