Saturday, 7 April 2012

Nail Art Interlude - Perfect Polka Dots

Please excuse the terrible flash; I only got this one picture before the paint was completely ruined at work.

Let's not even pretend that I am good at keeping a blog, but I am good at making pretty nails sometimes and that is what's important.  Even though this was intended to be a blog of my artistic excursions.  Oh well!

This was incredibly easy - everyone loves pretty polka dot nails, probably because they are so versatile.  You can use pretty much any two colours you have and they always look cute and whimsical.

I used to use toothpicks to get a polka dot effect, but I was always dissatisfied with the result: they always made more of a large blob than a polka dot, and often they smudged while drying because blobs of paint take forever to dry!

The other day though, I figured out a fantastic way to get perfect dots of uniform size - or smaller if you prefer and have a steady hand.  Are you ready?

Simply push a straightpin into a pencil eraser and voila - the perfect dot making tool!  Pushing the pin in far enough to stay is painful on the fingertips so I suggest using something else to jam it in there.

Not your teeth, or they will chip.  Not that I would know anything about that or anything.

Then dip the flat end of the pin into a drop of nail polish and dot away!

And that's it!  A fun way to spend a half hour instead of doing the dishes.

Have a great weekend and, if you celebrate it, a Happy Easter!

Thanks for reading!

Love, Emily.

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